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Short straws - 100% real plastic
Short straws - 100% real plastic

Short straws - 100% real plastic

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We offer completely normal straws in 100% genuine plastic - but unfortunately only until our stock runs out. This is because the government has decided to ban the sale of plastic straws. So take the opportunity to stock up on the proven and popular plastic straws that we all grew up with, so that you don't have to use useless paper straws that are loosened by liquid. We offer delivery in just a few days!
🥤 100% REAL PLASTIC- Our straws are made of plastic and nothing else. Unlike straws made of other materials, our straws work exactly as you imagined!
🥤 RESISTS GETTING SOGGY- It feels stupid to even have to point this out, but unlike paper straws, our straws are guaranteed to withstand getting wet without the function deteriorating!
🥤 FAST DELIVERY- We are one of the few stores that stock straws in Europe, which means we can offer delivery within just a few days!
🥤 BUNK UP - The government has decided to ban the sale of plastic straws. Be sure to stock up at home before they become unobtainable!
🥤 DROP TIRED SYMBOL POLITICS- We believe that politicians should put their energy into solving the real problems facing society and stay away from poking at ordinary people's everyday lives with pointless symbolic politics. Use plastic straws in protest of this politically correct nonsense!

The government bans plastic straws

We all know that our politicians love symbolic politics that serve absolutely no other function than to make everyday life a little more complicated for ordinary people. Plastic bag tax, sky-high petrol taxes and now a ban on plastic straws; another example of pointless token politics that doesn't solve any of the problems it purports to try to combat.

We are allowed to sell out of our stock because we released the products on the market before the ban, but when our stock runs out, plastic straws become practically impossible to get hold of!

Paper straws suck (figuratively, not literally)

For anyone who has ever had the displeasure of drinking from a paper straw, it is clear that the experience is not the same as enjoying a cold drink on a summer day from a good old plastic straw. Unfortunately, in the future it may become rare to enjoy these little gems in everyday life, as the government has decided to ban the sale of plastic straws.

Stock up!

Now is the time to buy nice plastic straws (the only kind that actually work), while the opportunity still exists. Politicians do everything they can to moralize and interfere in people's everyday lives. We believe, like so many others, that it is important to resist this development.

Length: 15.5 cm
Bendable: YES
Material: 100% real plastic

Shipped from Europe

All products we offer are in stock in Europe and are posted immediately after we receive your order. This way we can offer delivery to you within a few days.

Other online stores that sell plastic straws ship their products from China, which means that delivery takes several weeks or months.

In October 2018, the EU Parliament voted through a ban on single-use plastic items for all EU member states. However, we all know that it is not the use of plastic straws by Europeans that ultimately has a negative impact on the environment, this is of course just symbolic politics. Thanks to the fact that we released our products on the market before the ban came into effect, we can sell out of the products we have in stock. We at Sugrö are tired of meaningless symbolic politics that without consent intrude into people's everyday lives. That's why we now offer nice plastic straws that you can stock up on before plastic straws become impossible to get hold of.